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Our Client is seeking a Senior Statistical Programmer for a high level consulting firm where you will have the opportunity to work on statistical programming and have considerable client interaction in a fast paced collegial environment.

Summary: A Senior Statistical Programmer performs tasks related both to statistical analyses and statistical programming. A Senior Statistical Programmer will (a) mentor and oversee the statistical programming tasks by more junior staff and (b) develop approaches to auditing statistical programs. A Senior Statistical Programmer will be proficient writing efficient programs and able to guide others in programming. A Senior Statistical Programmer will ordinarily work independently, with guidance from more senior staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: In addition to all the responsibilities of a Statistical Programmer, responsibilities may include:

  • Analyzing data, including writing complex SAS and other statistical code
  • Creating figures using SAS PROC TEMPLATE and statistical graphics language
  • Creating and auditing randomization schedules
  • Designing and implementing quality control procedures
  • Validating and maintaining SCI macros
  • Utilizing data standards and regulatory conventions such as CDISC
  • Coordinating simple biostatistical projects under the guidance of more senior staff
  • Training and mentoring junior staff on statistical programming
  • Interacting directly with clients
  • Preparing and reviewing reports for clients
  • Presenting results internally
  • Consulting with staff on issues related to statistical programming, quality control, developments in statistical software, and data management
  • Being aware of proposals and budgets for the projects on which they are working, including estimating hours for programming tasks, understanding the impact of these estimates on the budget, and being aware of project scope
  • Attending meetings for professional development


  • A Statistical Programmer has knowledge typical of at least two semesters of college-level statistics or biostatistics. Attention to detail, accuracy, initiative, and excellent communication skills are essential, as well as the ability to juggle several complex projects simultaneously.

Readiness for promotion : Statistical Programmers are considered for promotion when they demonstrate high level management skills and independence. They take charge of the program log, plan the batch run and program structure, and interact with clients on data transfer and other issues. Their programming practices serve as a model for more junior programmers and they are reliable auditors. The Statistical programmer’s supervisor, with input from the PMs, judges readiness for promotion. Programmer’s supervisor, with input from the PMs, judges readiness for promotion.



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